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My Healthy Hair Care Regimen:
I have received ALOT of questions regarding my hair care regimen.  I felt it was first important to remind you to:

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Relaxed Hair             
Transitioning Hair    



I'm going to give you my AVERAGE weekly regimen.  So let's begin........

My Hair Philosophy: Listen to what your hair wants and take action. Confused by that statement? It will all makes sense once you are done exploring, reading, and watching information on the site.


Incorporating moisture back into my hair is very important.  I use a Sulfate-Free shampoo which is great for dry, relaxed, natural or any ethnically textured hair.   My favorite all time shampoo is Keracare Sulfate Free Shampoo, it feels like I am putting conditioner in my hair rather than shampoo.

Click the link to read my product review on Keracare Sulfate-Free Shampoo. This is because Sulfate-Free  shampoos actually keep the hair moisturized and do not dry out the hair like regular shampoos. The benefits are that it reduces dryness of the scalp, reduces irritation, reduces frizz, and keeps your color in color-treated hair.  I usually shampoo my hair (on average) around 2 times per week.


  Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
  Best Amazon Price: $9.58


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