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Cute Protective Style                                (For Relaxed and Naturals)

Why is protective styling so sought after in the hair community?

#1) Protective Styling preserves hair thickness
Protective Styling helps retain growth which results in longer hair

Which is why I just L-O-V-E this style (below).  She has a really great method for preserving your ends while keeping it looking fabulous.  Enjoy!!!


I get really bored of the same mundane bun protective style and I personally don't feel cute continuously rocking a bun.  Which is why I LOVE this method.

Why This Protective Style is Fabulous:

For starters, she tucks away her hair for about a month or
two while keeping it in the style.  This is so beneficial to the health of the hair.  Leaving your hair alone does wonders.

I personally like to take my hair out and re-moisturize every week. 
My hair can't last untouched for that long, but you will have to experiment for yourself how long you want to keep your hair tucked away. 

This Method is Great for the Cornrow Impaired
What I love about this style is that there are no cornrows.  I am HORRIBLE at cornrowing.  In addition, I like using two big braids anyway because I like to access my hair throughout the week because I go to the gym so often.  I exercise I lot so I like having access to my scalp and hair throughout the week.

Check out the picture on the above.  It's a great idea, right?  I just love how she is protecting her ends.  She is keeping them moisturized and away from the elements, which will preserve her length.  In her video tutorial below, she said she is using two deep conditioners (here) and (here).

So without further ado... check it out!


 Take the Healthy Hair Makeover Challenge!!!                           
                           Choose the one specific to your hair

Step by Step Tutorial
Step 1

Deep Condition with this and this.
Step 2

Section Hair into 3 parts.

Step 3

Moisturize the two bottom sections with this oil. (Leave top section alone)
Step 4

Braid two bottom sections and wrap with saran wrap.

Step 5

Take the top section and style as you desire

Step 6

Apply half wig of your choice

Step 7

Look Fabulous!

Happy Hair Growing!!

 Leeyah London Owner HealthyHairMakeovers.comL
  Leeyah London Owner
Leeyah London Owner

Leeyah London Owner HealthyHairMakeovers.comLeeyah London Owner




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