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 What is MSM?.. and Can it Affect Hair Growth?

You may have heard the acroymn "MSM" but just do not fully understand where you've heard of it before.  MSM is short for Methylsufonylmethane, which is basically a sulfur compound found in isolated foods. 

How the Body Uses MSM

MSM in the fourth common element in your body, but believe it or not, it can be one of the easiest compounds to become deficient.  MSM is normally provided in the body by eating animal protein and vegetables, however, once foods are cooked, the MSM is not as easily absorbed.  Unfortunately, MSM is very fragile  and it can break down very easily.  Therefore, the most efficient way to absorb MSM is in it's raw form.

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Now... let's get started......

 Benefits of MSM
  1. Helps repair muscles after workouts (as well as joints)
  2. Helps rid the body of toxins
  3. Maintains healthy cells, organs, and tendons
  4. Affects Skin rejuvenation
  5. Helps with Hair Growth..(More on this below)

Hair Growth Benefits from MSM

MSM alter the Anagen hair growth phase.  Everyone has a genetically predisposed anagen phase which determines how many years your hair will grow before it falls out due the the natural process of hair shedding.

Basically, every hair on your head will shed at some point in your life.  On average, the anagen hair growth phase is between 2 - 8 years before the hair naturally sheds.    What is the length of your phase?  You will have to determine that, but in the meantime, taking MSM will help you increase your phase, which could possibly give your hair extra length.

                                                            ANAGEN PHASE CHART

Anagen phase between is between 2 - 8 years (reference the chart to the right), that equates to 12 to 48 inches. So think
about it.  Even if you were able to increase your anagen rate for one year, that is an extra 6 inches.  That can make a huge difference between your current length and your hair growth length. 

MSM Helps Hair Growth Thicker and Faster

MSM revives your resting hair follicles by increasing the circulation in your scalp.  It removes toxins and will help strengthen your hair when working in conjunction with a multi-vitamin that has compounds like biotin, pantethol, and calcium.

MSM Enhances Shine

How?  MSM enhances keratin, which is responsible for shine hair as well as stronger hair.  Taking MSM will enhance the keratin in your body which will in turn prevent breakage and keep the hair shaft flexible.

MSM Can Increase Hair Growth Up to Thirty-Six Percent

MSM is required for collagen production in the body.  By increasing MSM, it increases collagen which may enable your hair growth to increase by 36%.  In addition, collagen helps increase the diameter of the hair, resulting in thicker and stronger hair.

PROOF It Works!!!!

Don't worry.  I am not going to talk about this without giving you a real world example.  Do you see the image on the right?  That is EIGHT inches of hair growth in only one year.  No, your eyes aren't fooling you. Her internet pseudo-name is NJOY and she made hair-obsessed ladies go crazy when she told her story of how incorporating MSM into her regimen made such a difference.

You can clearly see the difference between the two date, January 2010 to December 2010.  Have YOU ever received that much hair growth in one year?  I haven't.  I cannot WAIT to start incorporating this into my daily regimen.  I will be doing my own experiment and documenting any increased hair growth here in the future.   View her recipe here.

Now let's get back to YOU.....

How Will YOU Add MSM to Your Hair Care Regimen and/or Diet?:

Two tried and true methods are using it topically (meaning it is applied directly to the scalp) or internally (meaning it is taken orally and ingested like a true supplement).  In addition, you can take it in pill form or powder form.  Please watch the video below that I feel does a great job explaining the difference between the two:




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