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What Helps Hair to Grow Long?

Ready to grow long hair?

This article is a comprehensive guide to what helps hair grow long.  This article has an abundant amount of information.  It's probably one of the longest articles I've ever wrote, so fair warning.  It's pretty long. But there is great and valuable information. So if you need to read it in parts, please feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it later.

This article is broken into two phases: 
  • Phase 1  (Internal Factors)  
  • Phase 2 (External Factors)  

Let's Begin!


Phase 1:  Internal Repair 

In this first phase you will learn why it is important to take care of your body internally to maximize healthy hair care. This is a very important phase and I feel it is best to really understand this in the beginning of your healthy hair makeover.

Topic A:     Your Natural Hair Growth Rate
Topic B:    
Hair Nutrition
Topic C:
Scalp Care and Growth
Topic D:    
Hair Shedding (and how to reduce it)

Let's begin.....

Topic A: Your Natural Hair Growth Rate

Let's start with the most commonly asked question. Can I go from ear length hair to waist length hair in a few months? The answer is... no.  Unless you are a genetic rarity that defies the normal DNA genetic code. 

The good news?  The average person grows about 6 inches a year.  This is about 1/2 an inch per month.  Not too shabby, right?  Now how will you determine your growth rate?  It's simple....

Document Your Hair Growth:
Here is what you need to start doing… document your hair growth from now on.  This is going to be your BEST friend in your hair journey… a soft tape measurer.


You will want to start to measure from where the hair shaft on your forehead starts and work all the way down to the longest ends.  Now write down your length.  This is will be your starting point.  Now.  Look in the mirror and visualize how long you want your hair to be. Measure how many inches it will take you to get there.  

Determine Your Goal Length:

As a hypothetical, let's say you have ear length hair (5 inches long) and your goal is to have mid-back length hair (19 inches long).  That would mean that you need 14 inches of growth to reach your goal.  Now remember, if hair grows an average of 6 inches a year, it would take you 2 years and 4 months to obtain your goal.  Trust me, this measuring tape will be your BEST FRIEND during your hair growth journey.

BUT, in order to get an accurate reading, you need to know YOUR personal hair growth rate. Who cares about average, we care about YOURS…so.. start measuring your hair from the scalp to the longest strands every 2 months (or monthly) to determine your actual growth rate.  And ALWAYS remember to document if you've cut/trimmed your hair and put that into your growth calculation.

how to grow long hair with brocolli

Topic B: Hair Nutrition 

Monitor What You Put In Your Body

how to make hair grow fastIt is V-E-R-Y important to make sure your body is receiving the proper
amount of nutrients in a well balanced diet and supplementation (vitamins).

Why is it so important?

Because believe it or not, your body doesn't care about your hair.  Sorry, but it's true!!!  Your body does not feel your hair (and it's growth) is as important as you do.  In fact, hair growth is at the VERY BOTTOM of it's "to do list".

FACT:  Your body's #1 priority is survival.  

In other words, your body believes the function of the heart, organs, and productive system is considered your "mortgage" while your hair is the equivalent of Direct TV package with the additional 5,000 channels. Basically, if you don't have enough money for the mortgage, you can't forget about luxuries like cable.

Your Body Determines Where Your Nutrients Go

The same theory applies with your body.  Unless you are supplying your body with enough nutrients to cover beyond the bare minimum, you are NOT maximizing your hair growth potential. Why? Because your skin, hair, and nails may be YOUR priority but it's definitely not your body's.  How can you both cohesively get along?  Simple.  You really need to start including the following in your daily diet:

One of the best hair vitamins on the market is Hairfinity:  



Make Your Own Hairfinity Vitamin Mix
You could make your own cost effective (but efficient) version of Hairfinity on your own:

 1  2    3





Topic C: Scalp Care & Growth

Having a clean and healthy scalp is extremely important if you want to grow your hair to long lengths.  In order to do this, it is important to keep it washed, fresh, and free from damage (aka hair braided too tightly or using glues that do not protect the scalp or allow it to breathe prope

Keep Your Scalp Clean

You need to figure out how often you shampoo your hair.  I personally cleanse my scalp around twice a week or course that depends on how long I've been hitting the gym, but for the most part, it is around 2 times a week. I normally wash with my holy grail shampoo (more on that in the "Proper Shampooing Techniques" Section, but it seriously is the BEST shampoo I have ever used.     

Scalp Massages

It is also important for you to begin giving yourself daily/weekly scalp massages.  Scalp massages help activate the follicles and stimulate growth.  I would recommend using the following oils here and here, which have worked wonders for my hair.  A little goes a long way.  

BTW…. I found the PERFECT applicator bottle. I hope that it is as helpful to you as it has been for me.


It covers my scalp as no other applicator bottle can.  Plus, it leaves my scalp moisturized without getting the strands of my hair weighted down or too oily.  It's the perfect product and a must have staple in anyone's healthy hair care regimen.

Topic D:
Hair Shedding 

Normal Hair Shedding
Did you know that you shed an average of 50 to 100
strands of hair per day?  It's true.  So keep that in
mind the next time you see some of your hair on the
 sink, on the counter, or in the shower.  You need to
be extremely familiar with the difference between
 shedding and breakage. 

Breakage is
basically any strand that you see that does
have a white bulb at the end of the strand.  The
white bulb means that it
came out of your scalp.
 hair shedding and hair breakage

Examine the Pic (below):     Broken Hair Vs Naturally Shed

                                                hair breakage vs hair shedding

Check out my video:  Shedding Vs. Breakage


Best Hair Products For Hair Shedding

Do you feel as though you have more than the average amount of shed hairs a day?  Well, there is a way to tame this.  Your best friend will be with garlic based products.  And you can handle it one of two ways:

#1)  Garlic Pills (Odorless)

2)  The BEST Garlic Best Deep Conditioner, which also happens to be my regular protein-based deep conditioner. This is my LOVE, ya'll.  Love this conditioner.

Why is garlic so amazing for shedding?  Garlic improves blood flow to the scalp, gives life to damaged follicles, and kills bacteria on your scalp that may have been blocking the follicle from breathing.

Now that we've tackled all possible internal problems, let's focus on the external part of your program.

Phase 2 External Repair

Phase 2: External Repair
In this second phase you will learn how you handle your hair, style, shampoo, and condition your hair will affect your hair growth efforts if you are not doing them properly.  This is where a lot of women fail seeing results because they are using the wrong products the wrong way.  These are very important topics.  This phase has great information!!

Topic E:     Proper Shampoo  Techniques
Topic F:    
Best Conditioning Methods
Topic G:
Maintaining Healthy Ends
Topic H:    
Breakage (and how to reduce it)

Topic E: Proper Shampoo Techniquesblack hair growth

Hair is fragile and we need to shampoo the proper way.  You already know that you need to start with a clean scalp, but what about the rest of your hair?  You want to retain length, right? 

Shampooing can dry out the hair, which is counterproductive to hair like ours that is naturally dry and if you shampoo improperly, you may create even more dryness which can make your hair susceptible to breakage and damage. So here are the two shampooing rules of thumb to follow:

#1)  Pre-Shampooing (pre-poo)

#2) Using Sulfate-free Shampoos

Benefits of Pre-Shampooing
If shampooing the hair can strip it of natural oils and make it prone to dryness, guess what pre-shampooing will do?  Add moisture.  YAY!  So how is it done?  Use a natural oil (which I discuss in detail in Topic H).  Here are some of my favorites: 

 1  2  3
Coconut Oil

Wheatgerm Oil


Don't forget your plastic caps!!  Now you can either do it with heat or without heat.  I prefer to either prepoo by going underneath my amazing hardtop dryer for 15 mins and then leave in over night and shampoo out in the mooring OR prepoo underneath the dryer for 30 to 60 minutes.  Both options work amazingly.  It just depends on how much time I have in my schedule .  

Why Sulfate-Free Shampoos Are Amazing....

Now that you've pre-poo'd your lusciously moisturized strands, it's time to use a sulfate-free shampoo.  It's time to check your bathroom cabinets.  You need to get all of the bottles of shampoo and start check the ingredients listed on the back of the bottles.  if the word "sulfate" is ANYWHERE on the bottle, it's time to throw them out or donate them immediately.  

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which is used as a "cheap" filler ingredients that is used as heavy degreasing agents used on mechanic shop floors as well as laundry detergent.  Do we need something that harsh on our hair?  No.  Especially not afro-textured hair.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Sulfate-free Shampoo that I will recommend to you and stand by this product 100%.  I will never find anything better and I don't think you will either…


This is my ALL time favorite.  I love buying my shampoo from here because I have not found another vendor who sells the huge 32 oz bottle, which last my all year BTW.  So it is a great investment.  What other bottles of shampoo can do that?  It's sulfate free, makes my hair feel like I used a conditioner, and makes it the softest EVER.  I never need to try another shampoo again.  Why mess with perfection?

Topic F: Conditioning Methods
Deep conditioning is so so so so…. very important.  I have many videos and articles on deep conditioning that you should definitely check them out.  So here is my nitty-gritty short and sweet version:

Deep Conditioning Methods

#1) Deep condition regularly

#2)  Find both a protein-based and moisturizing-based conditioner.  If you look at the instructions of the product and it says "apply and rinse out" this is N-O-T a deep conditioner.  The instructions should say it should be left in for a total of 5 to 15 minutes.  I honestly think it should be left in for longer though.

#3) Invest in a good quality hooded dryer.  You will NEED heat in order to have the proper deep conditioning, trust me.  It's an amazing investment.  You don't know how much money you will save in the long term by not having to go to the salon.  I've had my dryer for the past 5 years and I still am SO glad I bought it.  It's helped to contribute to the health of my hair.


My Favorite
Deep Conditioning
Secret Tool

Recommended Deep Conditioners:

Favorite Protein
Deep Conditioner


Favorite Moisture
Deep Conditioner

Favorite Oil to Add
to Deep Conditioner

Recommended Leave-in Conditioner:

Leave-in conditioners are vital in healthy haircare for dry porous hair, which is beneficial due to it's moisturizing properties, help with detangling, protecting the hair from the elements, and it keeps the hair soft.  I am going to recommended the following ALL TIME amazing leave in conditioner.  OMG is this amazing!!


Trust me.  You are going to L-O-V-E this leave-in.  I have used this for about 5 years and am NEVER going back.  The word "staple" doesn't even do it justice.  My hair feels so soft and buttery smooth like no other.  It's AMAZING for rollers sets, air drying... basically anything.  Don't let the blonde woman on the bottle fool you, LOL.  It's a dominican product that works WONDERS for black hair.

Topic H: Breakage (and how to deal with it)natural hair growth

How do you reduce breakage?  Two ways:

#1) Keep your hair moisturized.

#2) Manipulate your hair less.

Yes, you've already heard about moisturizing the hair in previous topics such as shampooing and conditioning, but the BEST practice is also hot oil treatments. You need to start incorporating this into your hair regimen.  Hot oil treatments help to lubricate the hair like no other.  They can minimize damage from styling, the elements, and wear and tear.  Other benefits are that it reduces frizz, eliminates dandruff, and can extend the life of color treatments.

If you want to reduce breakage, hot oil treatments are a must because it restores moisture balance. It is very important to use natural oils. These are the actual 4 brands and type of oils that I use.  If you are starting this journey, I recommended trying wheat germ oil first.  It is my all time favorite out of all 4 oils, even though I do use all of them.

So……now that you have your oils under control.  You should make sure you are reducing the daily wear and tear on your hair.  Including using minimal heat styles with your hooded dryer (see I told you it was a good investment).  My favorite minimal heat style is a roller set.  It gets my hair super smote and soft, plus I am not suing direct heat on my hair or tearing out strands with an attachment.  Plus it gives me so much body!!!

I would also recommend having a silk pillowcase.  It will keep your strands moisturized and prevent breakage by keeping it smooth and preventing friction from your cotton pillowcase that will make the hair fragile and cause it to break.Now that we've tackled all possible internal problems, let's focus on the external part of your program.

I am very happy that you are motivated enough to start this program and see change.  It's possible to have a complete healthy hair makeover.  Just stay motivated, consider yourself a sponge of information.

If you have friends, family, co-workers, or classmates that could use a healthy hair makeover, make sure to send them to my site.  We all have the right to beautiful, healthy hair!

 If you want a successful Healthy Hair Makeover, you will need patience.  It takes learning, action, and then a good 3 - 5 months to really start seeing the fruits of your labor (aka progress). Be patient, find topics that you love exploring, ask questions of member's whose progress you admire and time will go by before you know it.   

Happy Hair Growing!!

 Leeyah London Owner HealthyHairMakeovers.comL
  Leeyah London Owner
Leeyah London Owner

Leeyah London Owner HealthyHairMakeovers.comLeeyah London Owner





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