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How to Style Natural Hair

Are you searching for fun and sexy ways to style your natural hair?  Not a natural?  Keep reading.   Whether your hair is – relaxed, natural, curly, transitioning and/or straight? You could still apply this technique to get similar results. 

Don't you love finding new techniques or methods to style your hair?  I know I do.  I will never get tired of it.  I can envision myself retired and with grey hair still doing the same.  Regardless of age, it's never to late to switch it up and learn a new hair style or technique.  My preference of choice?  Styles that are low manipulation and encourages length retention.  Speaking of, you should check out a detailed article I wrote on how you can grow your hair to long lengths.

So without further ado....

Style: Flat Chunky Twist Out

I love this first natural hair style.  It's so edgy and chic.  It is called a flat chunky twist out and it is beautiful.  This hairstyle lasts for about a week and it is so healthy because it requires little to no heat or manipulation, which is great if you are growing out your hair.   I just love how her natural hair is so defined and spiral.   Do you agree?  If you're interested, check out the video tutorial (below) and also see her list of products (below)




                       Growth Milk






                    Rat Tail

The natural hair movement is so popular right now and there are so many styles, but it's hard to find detailed step-by-step tutorials.  So please, check out this exceptionally gorgeous natural hairstyle below.  Don't forget to check out more of my articles.  More natural hair style tutorials picks from the web will be featured on this site so come back soon for more!

This is one of the most perfect twist out I've ever seen! Even if your hair length is shorter, or if you have relaxed hair as opposed to natural hair, you should try this style. What is great is that it lengthens your shrinkage because hair hair is being stretched as it is dried.
Also I love love love the color.  This is such an awesome tutorial! Her hair is gorgeous!

Did you like that natural hair tutorial? If so check out the styles below and click on the picture if you want to see tutorials for those braided hair styles as well. 

braided hairstyles for natural hair


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