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8 Ways Black Women Sabotage Their Hair Growth

Black women? Relaxed, Naturals, Bi-Racial, Mixed....are you treating your hair the way it deserves?

Well keep reading and hopefully you past the test... as in you are guilty of doing NONE of the following. 

Please read on.

1. Using Old Combs or Hair Brushes

Using combs or hairbrushes with nicks can cause hair breakage, tangling, and split ends. Replace your combs and brushes regularly to ensure that they are in good condition to take care of your hair.

If you MUST keep your older items, remember to clean them with a solution strong enough to kill germs, bacteria, and grim that you have been recycling back into your scalp and hair.  Try cleaning your combs and brushes once every two or four weeks.

2. Applying Boxed Hair Color/At-Home Hair Color

Experimenting with a professional job on your own, like using bleaches and hair coloring products at home, can lead to disastrous results. These chemical procedures are offered as salon services for a reason. Professional hairdressers have the proper training and experience to ensure that you get good results.

3. Using Heated Styling Tools That Are Too Hot

Very high temperatures on styling tools such as flat and curling irons can fry you locks, which will result in damaged, frizzy hair. This is especially true for the ends of the hair, which are often times the thinnest and most sensitized.

Extreme heat causes hair to lose its elasticity, making it brittle and easily breakable. Always check your styling tools before use to make sure they are not too hot. As a precaution, apply leave-on heat-protection products to shield your hair from any potential damage before using any heated appliance.

My recommendation, although more expensive than standard appliances are temperature controlled flat irons with ceramic plating. My favorite is the FHI Flat Iron, great if you are trying to preserve the health of your hair.  I bought min 3 years ago for $110.00 but I found this amazing deal at Amazon (picture below) where you can buy it for $59.99. I don't know how long that price will stay that low so at least check it out and read other's reviews as well as mine:

4. Pulling Out Strands of Hair

Are you guilty of this?  Pulling out strands of hair from the roots disturbs the hair follicle, which may cause other hairs in that area to stop growing or to take a longer period to grow back. It's much safer to let these hairs grow to a length where they can be tamed with the right styling products or hair treatments.

5. Handling Wet Hair Roughly

When hair is wet, it is at its weakest and most vulnerable state. Treating hair roughly when wet can strip it of its protective cuticle layer. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it; instead, squeeze the water gently from wet locks.

Don't comb wet hair without untangling it first with a wide-toothed comb. If you often encounter persistent tangles, apply conditioner in the shower and comb your wet hair before rinsing it out. Lastly, only use a comb and never a brush on wet hair?brushing can overly stretch the hair and may cause it to break.

6. Washing Your Hair Too Often (with Non-Sulfate Free Shampoos)

Keep in mind that shampooing the hair too often will rob it of essential oils and will also overdry the scalp. In fact, the frequency of hair washing really depends on your hair type. People with fine or short hair should wash every day since this hair type tends to become flat and greasy-looking if left unwashed for long.

For people with thick, dry, or processed hair, it is best to shampoo every other day to avoid stripping the hair of moisture. Long hair should also be washed every other day since the scalp's natural oils has a long way to travel before it gets to the ends of the hair, which tend to be drier than parts nearer the roots.

Click here to see my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E Sulfate-Free Shampoo

7. Having a Lot of Chemical Treatments Over a Short Period of Time

Subjecting your hair to more than one chemical treatment is like getting your hair colored, permed, or straightened in a short period of time will most certainly lead to overprocessed hair. Overprocessed hair is characterized by dryness (especially at the ends), split ends, coarse texture, and rebellious, frizzy strands.

It's best to wait a few weeks after your chemical treatment before having another one. Usually the magic formula duration between processing sessions is 6 - 8 weeks before you can process your hair again. Meanwhile, maintain your new color, perm, or straight do by using the appropriate hair care products to make sure the results last longer.

8. Using Too Much Styling Product

Unless you're a model getting ready for a fashion show, there is no reason to have too much of any styling product on your hair. They can weigh down the hair and may cause buildup if not washed off properly.

To prevent this from happening, make sure the product you are using has the correct hold strength for the hairstyle you want to achieve. Also make sure you are using the correct product type. In general, gels are used for slick, clean styles, hairsprays for voluminous styles and updos, mousses to achieve body and volume, and waxes for short, textured styles.

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