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The Best Flat Irons For 2015

Best Flat Irons 2015

FHI Platform Tourmaline Flat Iron
Amazon Price:  $82.95

Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron

Amazon Price:

CHI Air Tourmaline Flat Iron

Amazon Price:


Are you looking for the best flat irons for 2015 on the market today? Maybe your flat iron is getting a little rusty and it's time to retire your old friend.  Regardless of the reason you are here (whether to upgrade and/or replace the one you currently have), we all have one thing in common, we all want the best flat iron readily available to us and we want it now!!

Why do you want the best? Probably because you love your hair and you want the best for it.  You can't just choose any old flat iron.  In the years of studying healthy hair practices, I've learned that not all flat irons are alike. 

Here are several requirements you should demand of your flat iron to ensure you maintain your healthy and long strands.

I call them my 3 Flat Iron Commandments:

#1) Thou Shalt Have A Temperature Control Setting

Why?  It is imperative to purchase a flat iron with a variable temperature setting so that you can control the heat and keep the iron from getting too hot.  You do NOT want parched strands.

Have you ever used a flat iron and smelled burning hair?  Yeah.... that's the smell of your strands burning away.  You might as well take a lighter and start burning your hair.  It's the same thing.  So in order to prevent breakage, the best flat iron for your hair will have a temperature control setting.  Most quality flat irons (to my standards) will 170 to 450 degrees. 

#2) Thou Shalt Have A Tourmaline Flat Iron

If you have a Ceramic flat iron, you should throw it out now.  The best flat iron for your hair will be a tourmaline flat iron because of the benefits it provides to your hair. 

What is tourmaline?

Its actually a semiprecious gemstone (instead of the use of ceramic plates) which is much more beneficial to your hair than the regular ceramic flat iron.  Tourmaline plates actually makes your hair less frizzy, reduces static, and retains more moisture in your hair -- which will result in your hair looking shinier and smoother.

The other benefit is that you can use this flat iron on damp or wet hair.  Tourmaline also heats up faster so you don't have to wait as long in the morning for your iron to heat up when you are pressed for time. If you are looking for the best flat iron you definitely need to look for a tourmaline flat iron.

#3) Thou Shalt Have A Swivel Cord

Are you tired of the cord from your flat iron getting in your way? With my old flat iron, it would always get in my face, get in my way, knock things off the bathroom sink as I was using it.  UGH!! I hated my old flat iron. 

Once I invested (yes I do consider this an investment) in the best flat iron ever, I never looked back.  It is now so convenient to have a swivel cord.  I know have the ability to style my hair from any angle and I don't knock any more products into the sink or floor.  I love it.

So I can only vouch for my flat iron.  I've owned her for almost 3 years and I L-O-V-E her.  She meets all three of my Flat Iron Commandments and I've never had a flat iron last for that long, which just proves my long standing theory that you get what you pay for.  It all depends on what you value and what is valuable to you. 

So for me, hair care is very important to me and I am willing to pay more to reap the benefits of having long healthy hair---and keeping it on my head.

Without further ado... here are my top 3 picks that fit the criteria above deserving the title of best flat irons for 2015.




So I've had my FHI Flat Iron for almost 3 years now.  I love it.  Of course it meets all of my 3 Flat Iron Commandments.  I paid $130.00 for mine on Amazon.  Lucky for you, there are even better prices on the market today, click here to get the lowest prices on the market.  You can see me using this flat iron in the video below:
Major Selling Points:                         
  1. Adjustable temperature setting (140 - 450 degrees)
  2. Tourmaline technology products negative ions and seals in moisture and color
  3. 3 sold layers of plates for resist scratching and peeling
  4. Nano Technology produces unmatched conditioning and shine


Although I have never personally tried the Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron
there are so many positive reviews on it. Some ladies are claiming to still use it after 7 years.  That means it is a great bang for buck. Click here to get current prices here.

Major Selling Points:  

  1. Adjustable temperature setting (122 - 392 degrees)
  2. For you Fashionistas this comes in a variety of colors: (hot pink, black, purple, or red)
  3. Digital temperature display and power indicator for ease in reading
  4. Cool tip and swivel cord for ease in styling

This flat iron has caused quite the buzz.  So of course you know I wanted to inform you guys on the latest rave.  Although I have never personally tried the
CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Flat Iron I have heard rave reviews.  I have a CHI blow dryer (article coming soon on that) so I know that CHI products deliver outstanding quality.  I'm not surprised at all that this is mentioned as one of the best flat irons on the market today. Click here for the current prices.


Major Selling Points:  
  1. Adjustable temperature setting (122 - 392 degrees)
  2. For you Hairlistas this comes in a variety of colors: (red, black, silver, pink)
  3. Floating Plates for easy glide
  4. 9 foot swivel cord
  5. Includes matching styling clutch

So there are the top picks for the best flat irons of 2014.  I hope they work out for you. Happy Hair Growing!!

FHI Platform 1 Inch Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron
Amazon Price:  $82.95

Solia Tourmaline Ion Flat Iron

Amazon Price:

CHI Air Expert Tourmaline Flat Iron

Amazon Price:

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What's Your FAVORITE FLAT IRON?  Comment below!!
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